I Heart Revolution Teddy Bear Eyeshadow Pallet Jett

I Heart Revolution Teddy Bear Eyeshadow Pallet Jett
We made the them. You named them.
Meet Honey, Rosie, Jett and Lulu as named by you! 4 bear-shaped shadow palettes stuffed with 19 shades of pure pressed pigment, that will hug your lids.

What one is your BBF? (bear best friend). Is it Jett, our matte black bear filled with cool, neutral and earthy tones? He’s a Taurus who likes hanging out with his furry friends. Or is it Honey, the bear with a heart of gold, full of warm, brown and golden hues. A Leo who likes the finer things in life. If you like to have fun, you’ll love Lulu, the pink one stuffed with bright pops of colour. An Aries who loves to dance and go on adventures! Rosie, our rose gold bear is filled with pink pops of colour and bronze shades. A Pisces who is creative and likes going out-out.

Take one home or collect them all.

Cruelty-free and vegan.